Inspiration, Like Love, is Contagious

I love seeing what my kids create these days and just like as babies their love empowered me and gave me peice, these days their ideas, inspire me.  Here is a poem written by Olaia O’Malley for a school project. The requirement was to write a poem about “being cool.”

“Cool Enough”

I thought I was real cool.
But-  I’m an alien race
living in outer space
just trying to make them not hate.
Just getting by, but –
not dark enough, not white enough.
Stuck in the middle.
stuck with a riddle.
Cool, but not cool enough.

I totally enjoy the rhythm and the message. She read it to me and I almost could here music in the backround. I wanted more, but it was short and sweet. She inspires me to write, to be more creative to… just do it!