Summer of Family Fun: Parque Lineal

We have been waking up and going to the Parque Lineal de Bayamón. Jim has found a good manageable out of the house routine that makes it easier for a family of six to go out and have some fun. Two young kid bikes go in the trunk of the van, one adult bike (used to be mine, now is Jaimito’s) on a bike rack. Jim brings his rollerblades and Olaia and I jog. We all roughly hang out.

Jim’s rollerblading is about the speed of Javier and Asier’s wpid-20150608_072313.jpgbiking, Jaimito is on his own a bit, but waits for his Dad to practice doing dips on parallel bars. Olaia and I start together, we talk, we plan, we start and then she is pretty much on her own as I lag behind. We all head out 20 minutes and come back. Though we do different things, the sites are the same, and we all come back to chat, stretch, do some more exercises, drink water and exchange stories of our “work out session”. The time together outside is priceless.