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Free Markets and the Invisible Hand of Social Thought

After every market valuation bubble crash there are cries that capitalist system is broken and needs to be revised. There are accusations that we cannot just leave it to the invisible hand balancing the market. The common reaction is to call for more government intervention. However, if anything, I am advocating for free markets balanced not by increased intervention of government but by an invisible hand of social thought.

Like Adam Smith’s invisible hand that balanced the markets  by controlling demand and production rates without any specific intervention, the invisible hand I address is invisible because its agent is not a specific entity. The change it brings about in the market is not controlled or dictated by one source it is rather one based multiple sources with varying designs and needs that have a direct impact and control on the market.

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Addressing Identity and Empowerment in Schools

I am sure I will find little argument when I say "schools and the education system of any population are the foundation for any sustainable economic development."  But then most people who agree would go on to talk about the importance of science and math, technology and global perspectives, and all these issues are important to the curriculum of schools in the 21st century as we each search for a way out of the current recession.  But there is another subject matter in need of reform which is often overlooked when discussing how to better prepare students for the new economic realities.  The development of empowered self aware individuals ready to add value on a local or supranational world stage requires more than math and science.  History and civics unattended may just be holding us back or if properly reviewed be factors of  innovation and economic development. 

The objectification of Puerto Rican culture ­

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