Your Company as a Veggie

The other day I was invited to be on a panel for an event called "…Among Women Entrepreneurs." The event itself is a great idea that was very well received. Nearly a hundred women gathered to come to listen to a round table discussion of 6 preselected business questions. One of the women asked: " Do the members of the panel have any suggestions for marketing your Company when you don’t have a budget for it?"

I was itching to answer that one….

"You see, as most moms in this room might have heard, what works for kids and veggies goes for companies as well. Let me explain. There is a current school of thought that says your child has to see the veggies on the plate at least 7 times before he or she tries it. Well the same goes for marketing your company. Your prospective clients out there in the world need to be exposed to your company and your products or services at least 7 times before they decide to pickup the phone or keyboard and contact you. Now, mind you, just the same as you vary your kids plate with mmm carrots, and peas, and broccoli, your company’s exposure should also be varied:

  1. First do the rounds and present yourself to the different business news desks – get out a nice ABC Opens Shop article.
  2. Become a reporter yourself. Find newsworthy angles in your industry and provide your insiders point of view to journalists.
  3. Send out the traditional product mailings – their response record is low but it adds up to the 7 times we need.
  4. Send directed letters to contacts you meet or want to meet.
  5. Have employees and yourself wear your company’s logo.
  6. Combine these and other ideas in creative ways and get your 7 exposures in."

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Mommy Wisdom angle to convey the answer.