A Boring Facebook Profile – Can I help it?

I finally gave in to curiosity and joined Facebook. Jim had already created his profile some weeks back so I was way behind the curve here. If Jim trusts it, then why should I let my skepticism and aversion to spam keep me from trying this new fangled thing out.  He is after all my Technology Guru among other things…. So there I am forced to write about myself and finding in retrospect that though I am passionate about my life and what I do… I still am mega boring on paper – what gives?! Jim tries to coach me "write about your family, spice it up" .I know baby stories are always cute. And so here it is… I am putting myself out there:

I enjoy being alone with my kids and making up stuff. T­o them I am "fun, crazy, silly Mami." I put aside my inhibitions and tap into my subconsious and see where it takes me. Its fun and very relaxing.  SO there I was in the apartment all to myself, alone with Asier. Asier, who is 8 months old is low crawling his way around the floor. I am trying to get my place ready to start working on my thesisi again.. when I call out: "A donde vas, mi amor, a donde vas zumba zumba zumbador." Then as if I were caught in some bad musical I start singing with my cat scratchy voice, pitches fly missng their logical mark but I am free.. Somebody once told me children always find their mom’s voice beautiful regardless of how it may sound to others.  This is kind of the same mechanism as "every baby is beautiful to their mommy" and I know that is true.  Holding on to that thought, I give way to my silly side and challenge myself to make up stories, rhymes, and didis.

Today it was "Zumbador" – my subconscious must have been processing the image of all the birds flocking to Evan Baxter during the movie Evan Almighty which my kids saw for the second time in 24 hours today.  And for the heck of it… to embarass myself a bit and not take myself so seriously I am sharing it. There may not be ugly babies or ever the moment to say so but have a laugh at my expense. I uploaded the didi.

A donde vas zumbador
zumba zumba zumbador

        Para aquí, para allá,
        sin descanso sin parar

Es acaso tu amor,
esa linda nueva flor
que te llama zumbador?

    No es una, son diez
    que me dan de beber
    por eso siempre vengo
    y nunca me detengo

Zumba zumba zumbador
sin descanso sin parar
a que tu barriguita pesa
buena vida te darás
pero nunca tienes paz.

If you´ve heard the wave file I tried to upload… now you know … I may not be clever haha funny, and I still probably am boring, my posts are dense, now you know I am perfectly ok with being silly.