I dreamt I had my life

Interpret me this: I was having a happy dream. I did not want to wake up I wanted­ to keep the dream going.

I had just gotten out from hanging out a hotel pool with Javier and Jaimito. We had been sitting on the steps,  chatting, playing having fun. I remember thinking I love these two little boys they are so darn cute. Next thing I know we were out of the pool, kids had gone up to the room to change and go down for the evening. I was hanging out at an outdoor bar in plain clothes waiting for Jim to come down and meet up with me.

While I waited for him, I was chatting away with the bartender and a fellow guest. I had my brag pics out and was talking about my 4 babies that I love and my husband who would be with me shortly. Jim walks in and he quickly captures my attention as he informs me of some bit of news, some European company closing operations. We chat of the company’s recent performance, choices over the past year and the economic climate in Europe and at home. I was just about to hear his reply to a comment I had made when I was brusquely awakened.

I resisted waking up please, why does it have to be 5:40am already. I wanted to hear more fo what Jim had to say. ­ Maybe its raining outside and I can keep on dreaming. But  I could not hear rain drops and my slightly numb fingers had finally found the off button for the alarm clock. I was awake, and then it hit me, but I am living that dream.  Just yesterday Jim explained to me why we should address long tail distribution in a client’s site, the resistance of a European company to adopt changes in their supply chain and the evolution of a reliable time piece for telling space and time on ocean voyages, we parlayed this into a conversation of modern feats of engineering. This morning I played I was at a tea party with Asier and Javier – well we were actually drinking make believe coffee though I forcefully suggested we drink milk but was overturned by Drinkmaster and head imagineer, Javier, and the cups were not cups with saucers but rather plastic egg shells left over from Easter, but my boys were tickled pink..

And so as I reach for more and better gigs for the business, amidst great uncertainty and doubt, in my dreams I dream I live my life no more no less.

What does this mean?