What is in a name…

We have given great thought to the naming of each little miracle that has come to grace our lives.  So, when the fifth grade social studies  teacher  wanted  students to write an essay about their each person’s given name I relished with anticipation some quality time with my daughter.  I told my daughter I had created a document that explained her name to our friends and family on occasion of her baptism 10 years ago.  Back then, we had faced quite a bit of pressure to change the name. “Why Olaia? ” “They are going to tease her?” ” It’s uncommon, they wont know how to spell it or how to say it.” ” It sounds like ola or hola.” And some of these warnings did come true. But Olaia is Olaia and today it clear she could be no other. Her name suits her just fine. I have created an  entry an entry with my original Spanish document with musings about the name.  Below you can read Olaia’s put the 10 year old dilemma to rest in her own words:

Hello my name is Olaia…..

My name comes from the Basque country. My mom and dad chose it when they lived in the Basque county and found out they were pregnant. They looked at many names on a list but in the end they thought Olaia was the prettiest. When you ask the people in the Basque country what my name means, many are not shure. But some people might say it means place of manufacturing. They will give you examples of last names for example: Olasagasti means a place where they take the apples and turn it into cider and Olaberría means a new workshop. The people from Cataluña believe Olaia comes from the name Eulalia.

Before there were newspapers stories were told out this little 12 year old girl called Eulalia. She lived in Cataluña 300 A.B. Back then the rulers were Romans and the Romans believed in many gods. It was against the law to be Christian. Eulalia believed in one God,our Father, and Jesus Christ. A judge called her to the court because Eulalia was converting many people. The judge was trying to convince Eulalia that believing in God and Jesus was wrong but she refused to deny God or Jesus. They argued for many weeks, but in the end the judge sentenced Eulalia to death.

The story of Eulalia was told by many people and slowly the name may have changed to Olaia.

When I think of my name I like the feeling of having a unique name. I also like my name because Eulalia. Eulalia was young like me but she was really courageous and wise.  I hope to be like her….but live a long life.